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Calculation of salary tax and social and health contributions for two employments

Case for clarification

In case we have a monthly salary of 85,000 ALL from one project and a salary of 300 euros from the other project.

How much should the employee receive?


For the income from the salary in the

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Some ideas for finding a clientele for new businesses in the market

I started a small business-like Internet Cafe. What tips apply to the question of what should I do to find a fixed clientele?


The question "where can I find customers?" it is quite stimulating as the very need of a

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How do we react to frequent tax audits?


In our shop we have frequent checks by taxpayers. Once they come to see the employee’s declaration, once for the cash register, once for the tax bills. I want to know how many times a year can a small business entity be

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Does the small business pay income tax?

The question 

I am a small business trader. I wanted to know if we pay income tax in my case? 


Personal income tax includes all types of income of individuals. 

Resident individuals (you) are subject to personal

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When does the reverse charge system apply?

The tax liability is shifted to the recipient of the supply if

  • the entrepreneur making the supply has neither his residence (registered office) nor his habitual abode nor a fixed establishment in Austria,
  • the recipient of the

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